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31 Aug 2020

Top 5 reasons you need a Firewall

  • Business Security
  • Data Breaches

A firewall is a device that protects networks from any cyber criminals by monitoring and filtering the traffic entering and exiting the business network and blocking specific traffic based on rules.

12 Aug 2020

Is your corporate VPN your biggest security risk?

  • Business Security

With COVID-19 we have seen an unprecedented amount of people start working from home. Most companies have scrambled to get this working to avoid as much loss of productivity as possible but has this created a security risk too?

29 Jul 2020

Working From Home Security Tips

  • Business Security

Unfortunately cyber threats haven’t stopped just because the world has changed, in fact with the quick rush for businesses to get employees set up working from home security measures have been skipped in order to get productivity up straight away.

15 Jul 2020

What is a FOSS Audit?

  • Business Security
  • Tech Due Diligence
  • Web Applications

A FOSS audit will analyse all code within a software project and find the licenses for that code. These licenses will then be checked to see if they can be used and what implications there could be from using it.


17 Jun 2020

What is Penetration Testing?

  • Business Security
  • Web Applications

A penetration test also known as pen testing or ethical hacking is the practice of testing a computer system, networks and web applications to discover any security vulnerabilities within a business.