IT Due Diligence for Investment

Software company investment due diligence

We have provided IT due diligence on investments ranging from £1m to £300m

When investing in technology business it’s important to know if the software is fit for purpose. We conduct a full audit of the companies processes including specialist due diligence around the software itself including:

Our tech due diligence package provides detailed reports on how the company operates including in depth insight into:

  • Development Team Overview
  • Software Development Tools
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • Continuous Integration
  • Quality Assurance Process
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Networking & Infrastructure
  • Software Licensing
  • Data & Data Protection
  • Disaster Recover Processes
  • Freelance & Home Working
  • Backup Recovery
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • ISO Accreditation



This is usually carried out on site and will involve interaction with the company and staff interviews. We speak with members of different teams and find out how the staff actually do things which can often be different from how the management say things are done.

We with then produce a report detailing all this and also offer suggestions to how things can be improved with better project management tools and processes, better software release management and backup processes as well as an action plan for up to 100 days post transaction.


We will provide and in-depth report written for board level executives as well as detailed technical report for the tech team to understand the application and processes around it development.