Tech Due Diligence for M&A

Mergers and acquisitions

North CS have provided IT due diligence on mergers and acquisitions ranging from £1m to £300m.

As well as all the areas we cover for due diligence for software companies we can apply the same methods to M&A transactions.

Cyber security in M&A

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly more important part of the M&A process. There have been multiple cases of companies having bought data lemons and been subject to inherited bad IT, data breaches and hacking issues.

As part of any IT due diligence we can cover a number or areas including


IP carve outs

When purchasing a software product that needs separating out from a company and potentially separating from other software a process needs to be in place to manage this and define what the IP is. We can assist with this as well as making sure all the software itself is fit for purpose and highlight any potential areas where there maybe any cross use of services and if any licensing agreements need to be in place.


This work is usually carried out on site and will involve interaction with the company management as well as staff interviews. We speak with members of different teams and find out how they actually do things which can often be different from how the management say things are done.

We with then produce a report detailing all this and also make suggestions to how things can be improved with better project management tools and processes, better software release management and backup processes.



We'll detail the approach and key findings of the process, auditing the development team, tools and processes.