Developers Don't Make These Mistakes

  • 12 Jan 2021
  • Web Applications

Web applications are one of the most common applications where data breaches can take place. 82% of vulnerabilities are located in application code. So it's important to make sure that penetration testing is done thoroughly to minimise the risk of a data breach happening to your customers.

So, what can developers miss when they carry out a pen test?

  • Parental feelings towards their code

When it comes to looking for issues in your own work can sometimes be difficult to do so. Developers can be oblivious to the flaws in their own creation and in some cases struggle to find fault with their coding. Although as an outsider looking in on another developer's code it will most probably be identifiable to them.

  • Achieving requested results

Developers have one thing in mind, how to achieve results through creating a line of code. They want to write a piece of code that performs adequate actions.  A pen tester ultimately breaks into a system to find security weaknesses and potential  entrances to cyber criminals to exploit any vulnerabilities. Developers are focused on solving problems, not creating problems. So to switch to a pen testing mindset of destroying existing components instead of building new ones can be difficult.

  • Developers are known to simplify complex problems

Developers are focused on looking at complex problems and solving them with simple lines of code. Whereas testing is to focus on taking simple features and exploring complex scenarios that could be exploited by cyber criminals.  

  • Overlooking small details

Developers are inclined to creating/finding patterns that work for a desired action. Creating codes and patterns is easy for a developer. Whereas testers are inclined to finding the small details that break the pattern. Testers are minded to discover small details of patterns that can be at fault.

  • Lack of customer knowledge and user viewpoint

Most developers don't have a direct relationship with the customer, so they carry out the task of creating code and developing web applications that have been sent to them.


The user stories are left to managers of the agency. So developers in essence cannot always provide a suitable product where the customer will be able to work with the system.

Which then means they won't take the time to think about the potential risks of users when using the system regarding security risks.

Do you want to ensure that your developers are developing secure applications and eliminate the risk of handing over a potential data breach to a customer?

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