Does My Magento Site Need a Penetration Test

  • 16 Mar 2021
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In 2020, Magento had over 250,000 active users including a variety of different scaled businesses.

A big responsibility of all e-commerce businesses is to secure all data and transactions on their site from any cyber attack. Magento has many extensions that you can add to your site to add extra layers of protection to prevent any cyber attacks happening on your site. If you want to know more about these extensions look at another of our blogs called ‘how to make your Magento site secure’

Just like Wordpress, your security of your website is good as the user has implemented it from the back end. If extensions have been added incorrectly then this leaves vulnerabilities for criminals to gain access and mess with your site.

Magento has been known to have been targeted by ‘MageCart Attacks’ to steal credit card information. The security of an e-commerce site should be top priority for those who are handling third party data and processing any transactions on their site.

Besides adding security extensions to your site, it is highly recommended to get a penetration test on your site. This is a legal requirement that a lot of businesses are not aware of. A penetration test will check that all security extensions you have in place are fully protecting your site. The ethical hacking process will check for any vulnerabilities on your site to exploit. If any issues are found they will be written down in a full report along with how to fix these issues.

Without  a penetration test on your site you are subject to a huge fine if you fall victim to a data breach. If your site is not secure and data of third parties who use your site is leaked this will have a massive effect on your business. You will most likely lose custom, uphold a bad reputation and face massive financial losses.

When considering getting a penetration test for your site always take into consideration the data you are handling. An ecommerce business that has accounts for people who use their services and purchases products are more likely to need to get a penetration test. Rather than a magento user using the platform for a blog, that holds no confidential information about third parties or process transactions on the site there is much less of a chance of being a target.

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