Does My Wordpress Site Need a Penetration Test

  • 02 Mar 2021

So it's important to use plugins to add that extra layer of protection to your Wordpress site. If you're wondering what plugins to use then look at our blog post “Top 5 Plugins To Make Your Wordpress Site Secure”.

Security of your Wordpress site is only as good as its being implemented by the Wordpress user. Wordpress is usually at fault down to the Wordpress users, from how they have implemented their security measures not at fault because of Wordpress itself.

Poor security measures will result in hackers being able to exploit your website through the vulnerabilities you have on the site. If hackers get in they can do all kinds of damage on the back end of the website including, deleting data off your site and stealing the data. They could also deface your website as well as redirecting your traffic to a malicious website.

One way to check your handy work on installing your plugins on the word press site is a ‘Penetration Test’. An ethical hacker will look for any vulnerabilities on the site just like a hacker and try to exploit them. If they are successful the pen tester will report back to you the issue and how it can be fixed. It's better for an ethical hacker to find these vulnerabilities before a criminal hacker who can cause significant damage to your business.

A penetration test is not a legal requirement for businesses’ to carry out.  However if you handle lots of confidential data and process transactions through your e-commerce website it's highly recommended to get a pen test. This is because if you were to fall victim to a data breach the backlash on your business could be detrimental. You would be subject to a large fine, lose customers and uphold a bad reputation in your industry. A pen test will demonstrate you have carried out all security checks to prevent becoming the victim of a successful attack.

You will most likely profit from having a penetration test If you have a standard blog. You are handling different kinds of data, you’re not handling any confidential data of a third party and all information on your blog is already public for anyone and everyone to see. If a hacker did get access to your blog the worst they can do is probably delete or steal the work published. You most probably have a backup of the document elsewhere so this wouldn't have a massive impact on the reputation of your blog or cause a loss of visitors to your site.

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