Does Your SaaS Application Need a Penetration Test?

  • 21 Oct 2020
  • Business Security, Web Applications

Cyber crime is on the rise and hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their attacks. New regulations around information security can lead to big fines from the ICO following data breaches, this combined with negative PR can be a big risk for SaaS businesses.

Penetration testing assesses a web application using the same techniques as the real world hackers in order to identify any potential vulnerabilities. These can then be reported and fixed to keep your application as secure as possible.


Web Application Penetration Tests Help to:


1. Identifies Vulnerabilities

Ethical hacking is the practice of testing web applications to discover any security vulnerabilities. SaaS applications should be tested to check for any vulnerabilities or security weaknesses. If any are discovered, make sure to get them fixed before any cyber criminals can exploit causing security breaches to occur.

2. Reduce the risk of a Data Breach

Identifying vulnerabilities means there is a decreased chance of hackers being able to get hold of any confidential data stored within the application. If hackers get hold of confidential information, the SaaS company could receive a fine from the ICO and negative media coverage resulting in a ruined reputation and most probably less users to the application.

3. Compliance with GDPR Regulations

GDPR states that you are not only responsible for ensuring data you process is secure, but also you need to test the security measures you have put in place work. A penetration test will do this. Some industry standards also require having an annual/regular pen test. If your SaaS product complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) an annual pen test could be required.

4. Peace of mind for buyers

Being ahead of the competition always looks good. Having a pen test puts your SaaS product on top. It shows that the software values the security of your data inputted into the application. Provides buyers with a trusting relationship with using your application. If there was ever an attack then buyers would know that you have taken the most appropriate measures to ensure security.

5. Ultimately reduce costs

Spending money on a pen test will work out cheaper in the long run. If your application becomes a victim of a cyber attack, you’re looking not only at financial losses from a heavy fine and potentially compensation. But the reputation of the application will be destroyed and your team will be spending hours on end rectifying security measures, contacting users affected and looking for due diligence on the application.


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