How to Make Your Magento Site Secure

  • 09 Mar 2021

It can ultimately make or break a business. Without security you could lose valuable confidential data of your customers which is going against GDPR legislation. Therefore security should be a top priority of any online business.

Magento comes with many security extensions to use to ensure a well protected site to prevent any data breaches.

Here are 5 of the best security tips & extensions Magento have to offer:

1. Use the latest version of Magento

Make sure you are using the Magento version 2. It's important to use the latest version because there are no more security patches and updates for Magento version 1. Using version 1 will leave your site vulnerable to be exploited by criminals. Using version 2 will ensure you are best protected from any criminals.

2. Two Factor Authentication

This extension will provide you with an extra layer of security on the back end of your Magento site. This will require additional security information when logging in from the backend. For example, a one time password (security code) will be sent to your phone and will only be valid for 30 seconds. The only time a hacker would be able to gain access is with your mobile phone.

3.Set a custom path for Admin Panel

You are able to access your Magento admin panel by simply to, this is an easy way for a hacker to exploit your site. You can prevent this by creating a customised term.  This also stops the hackers being able to get in if they get hold of your password. They would need to know the customised word in the url to access the admin portal.

You can do this by editing the local.xml file in Magento 1 and the env.php file on Magento 2.

4. Obtain an Encrypted connection (HTTPS)

An encrypted connection such as https is important to use, it protects any communication and customer information shared on your e-commerce site. Without a secure connection any information inputted or sent to another party could be intercepted by criminals. Having this encrypted connection makes customers feel safe shopping on your e-commerce site.

You should do this as your site needs to comply with PCI data security standards, ensuring your online transactions are secure. To do this on Magento go to the tab ‘Use Secure URLs” in the system configuration menu.

5. Mage Firewall Security  

This free extension adds another layer of security to your site, ultimately it will block any hackers and blacklisters. The features of this extension include:

  • Scans for unpatched security issues
  • Secures your site from brute force attacks
  • Scans web servers
  • Provides recommendation on the set-up of your store

It is not guaranteed that you will never fall victim to a cyber attack if you use the tips and extensions listed above but you will be as best protected as you can. Following the tips and adding these extensions acts as an extra layer of protection to your site and will make it harder for hackers to perform a successful attack

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