Top 5 reasons you need a Firewall

  • 31 Aug 2020
  • Business Security, Data Breaches

Businesses need to make sure that a firewall is installed to ensure that their network and resources are protected from unauthorised users of the internet. Cyber crimes are increasing and with a similar increase in businesses becoming globally connected through technology it's opening more opportunities for hackers to detect weaknesses in networks.

Here are 5 reasons to make sure your business has a firewall installed;

  1. A Firewall is the first defense against cyber criminals
    The firewall protects your business's system from other unauthorised internet users. Without a firewall your network would be open for anyone to access your business network and retrieve confidential information.
  2. You can block unsuitable or sensitive content
    While firewalls can block hackers it can also block unsuitable content from being accessed or popping up. Usually this comes under parental controls but firewalls also now have the feature to block this content.
  3. It can protect a business from Malicious code
    A strong firewall will inspect traffic entering and exiting your network. It will look and block, worms, malware, viruses that are trying to get access to your network. It will also log details of intrusions that do try to access your network. This way you can make a specific block to these hackers.
  4. Firewalls can provide a VPN services
    Firewalls can provide site-to-site connectivity through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Having a VPN allows safe onsite and remote access for employees to internal work resources.
  5. Security threats evolve daily
    New threats, viruses, worms and malware are created daily that will try and look for vulnerabilities in business networks to get confidential data. A firewall will block these threats automatically and keep on top of new threats, keeping your network secure to use.

Here at North Cyber Security we can test your firewall to make sure it's working and stopping outsiders accessing any of your information. Check your firewall today.

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