Web Agencies Win More Business With Penetration Tests

  • 29 Oct 2020
  • Data Breaches, Web Applications

Data breaches are making global headlines too often. Web applications are the most common place a data breach can take place. In 2019, breaches of sensitive data were a threat in 68% of web applications.

With new laws in place, web applications need to comply with GDPR when handling any confidential data. If not, they can cost businesses heavy fines, negative PR and as a result lose customers.

GDPR acts as a guide as well as a punishment. If you follow all requirements of GDPR then it demonstrates you are doing everything you can to prevent applications from data breaches and avoid regulatory action.

Web agencies that offer penetration tests in their proposals for web applications are outshining other agencies that don’t. Penetration testing significantly lowers the chances of experiencing a data breach. Having security risks identified through ethical hacking is much better than them being exploited by the real criminals.

Why offer penetration tests in your proposals?

  • Help win more business
    Offering pen tests gives an advantage over other agencies that don’t offer them. Everyone wants to make sure their web application is going to be secure to use and not be exploited by cyber criminals. The package deal of a web being developed and a pen test will look more appealing to customers.

  • Peace of mind for customers
    Offering a pen test will ease the mind of customers, it will show them that the data handled on their web application will be safe from any cyber attack. Which in turn means no fines for them.

  • Proves you have built a secure application
    Offering a pen test shows you have confidence in your own work. It demonstrates that you know the web application developed is secure so there are no worries about getting a pen test to prove how secure the application is.


What our clients say

"Since we started offering Penetration Testing in our proposals we have been winning a lot more business. Demonstrating the web applications we are building are secure gives reassurance to our customers."

Phil Allick Director - Calm Digital


To partner with us and help win more work by offering penetration tests in your proposals please get in touch to discuss how we can help.


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