Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability scans

A vulnerability scan will check your computer network and identify any devices on it, including printers, scanners, laptops, mobile phones. Once identified we will scan all these devices to see if there are any known vulnerabilities. This could be a laptop using windows XP which is very insecure, to an old server php version or printer firmware.

Why do I need a vulnerability scan?

A vulnerability scan detects flaws in your computer network, alerting you to any weaknesses which could be exploited by hackers to steal information or cause harm to your company.

Generally, the weakest point of any system is human. If entry to a network is gained by a member of staff clicking on something they shouldn’t, like a bad link in an email. Hackers will look for devices on the network to infect to further monitor and steal information.

  • Vulnerability Assessment – Hands on approach
  • Box2 Vulnerability Management


Box2 is our own system developed in house, it is a hardware box that gets plugged into a business's network, from there is will continuously scan the network and identify new devices connected to it. Then it will check to see if there are any known vulnerabilities with the device or it's software. This gives 24/7 knowledge your business is best protected against vulnerabilities.

One off vulnerability assessment

North CS can provide one off vulnerability assessments either on-site or remotely. We will then deliver a full report detailing all issues and list then based on severity so you can deal with the right ones first. We can also provide support helping you fix these issues.