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Why North Cyber Security?

North Cyber Security & our team of cyber security consultants specialise in penetration testing and technical due diligence.
The team members have in-depth technical knowledge grounded in web development and network infrastructure, experience that helps us understand technology for different situations.


Our penetration testers are CREST accrdited.


We test to the OWASP methodology


We offer full remediation support.


We retest any fixes you make for free.

Smart softwares

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Total security

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Latest News

26 Jan 2021

How to Encrypt your Mac OS Hard Drive

With cyber crime increasing and more data breaches hitting the headlines. It’s now more than ever you need to check your business’ cyber security practices. One practice is, encrypting hard drives, this will add an extra layer of protection on devices that store confidential data.

19 Jan 2021

Tech Due Diligence for M&A Checklist

Technical  Due Diligence is a recommended element during the process of company investments. It's all exciting investing in new businesses that can open up further opportunities. However before all the opportunities arise there's a lot of behind the scenes work to do, to make sure you are investing your time and money into the right business.

12 Jan 2021

Developers Don't Make These Mistakes

Web applications are one of the most common applications where data breaches can take place. 82% of vulnerabilities are located in application code.

Who we work with

We work with businesses big and small, private and public, web agencies and investors, including:

Newcastle University
Maven Capital Partners
Growth Funders
Honcho Markets
Intelligence Fusion
Recite Me
Denby Pottery
Spectris PLC
Green Flag Tyres
Alpha FMC
Growth Capital Ventures